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Journey Towards Easter:
A Special Message to the 2021 Elect

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2021 Chrism Mass

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Bishop Thomas extends Dispensation from Obligation
to attend Mass until April 25, 2021

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 Third Sunday of Easter
Monsignor Gregory W. Gordon
At Easter, the Church proclaims the death of Jesus and His glorious resurrection. And each of us is invited in Eastertide to share in His death and resurrection: to die to ourselves, dying to sin, so that we can live in Christ Jesus, living the way he lived.

When we understand and believe that Christ is truly risen, our lives change. Christ is risen, Alleluia!

The Mass will be available Saturday, April 17,
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March 23, 2021
Bishop George Leo Thomas’ Statement on Violence and Discrimination Against the Asian Community
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Bishop Thomas visits Holy Child Mission in
Caliente for Confirmation

Within the Diocese of Las Vegas's boundaries and far beyond the lights of Las Vegas lies a treasure trove of natural beauty and friendly rural communities. Among them is the small city of Caliente, named for the hot springs that flow from the base of the mountain.

On March 20, Bishop Thomas drove on Nevada's Great Basin Highway, one of the roads lesser-traveled in his diocese, up the marshy Pahranagat Valley, across the vast Delamar Valley, and through the Delamar Mountains to Holy Child Mission in Caliente for Confirmation. Bishop Thomas said, " Holy Child is one of the hidden gems in the Diocese of Las Vegas.

The small parish is a Mission of Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Ely. Holy Child is served by Deacon Patrick FitzSimons, who provides the parish's daily pastoral needs with the assistance of family and volunteers. The enthusiastic parish team offers religious education and sacramental preparation for first communion, confirmation, and RCIA. Bishop Thomas, moved by their commitment to ministry and mission work, said, "I am profoundly grateful to Deacon Patrick FitzSimons, his wife Millie, his son Sean, volunteers, and extended family for the countless ways they pour life out in service to this faith community." Once a month, the pastor drives the 268 miles round trip from Ely to celebrate Mass and give pastoral support to the Mission. Bishop Thomas continued, "So too, I commend Father Lourdes for his monthly visits to the parish for the celebration of Holy Mass.

Holy Child Mission serves greater Lincoln County, known for the community spirit and celebrations of Caliente, Panaca, and the county seat Pioche. During the Summer months, many Catholic families escape the heat and traffic of Clark County by heading North to Lincoln County, home of natural wonders and recreational opportunities. A place where people are welcoming and friendly. Holy Child is no different with generational families engaged in parish life welcome visitors with a smile and a hello. Bishop Thomas experiencing the community's generous hospitality and faithfulness, said, "I was the beneficiary of the community's warmth and welcome, and was immediately impressed by the depth and strength I found in the faith of the Confirmation Candidates." Upon deeper reflection, he said, "Already, I look forward to a return visit to Caliente, and ask God to bless the community abundantly with health and safety until I return again."

 Bishop Thomas' 2021 CSA Reflection

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Bishop Vaccinated

 Bishop Thomas receives first dose of COVID Vaccine on January 21, 2021.

Bishop Thomas receives second dose of COVID Vaccine on February 15, 2021.

Bishop Thomas Receives Claver Prayer

On January 8, 2021, Grand Lady Pam Hunter of the Knights of Peter Claver, along with her grandson, Elijah Hunter, Western States Junior Conference President, presented Bishop George Leo Thomas, Ph.D. with The Claver Prayer. The Knights of Peter Claver were founded on November 7, 1909 in Mobile, Alabama, consisting of seven founders – four Josephite priests and three laymen, all of whom served in Diocese of Mobile, Alabama.

The Claver Prayer was written by Brother Christopher Kiefer of Indianapolis, Indiana in 1984. Brother Kiefer, at the time, was Grand Knight of Saints Peter & Paul Council No. 191. The Claver Payer was adopted by the 1984 National Convention in New Orleans. Thank you, Knights of Peter Claver, for your continued support. Special gratitude and New Year’s blessings to all the Knights and Ladies of Peter Claver.

December 21, 2020 
The Following is the Note of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith on the morality of the use of some anti-Covid-19 vaccines
Read it in English Click HERE

December 21, 2020  –  By USCCB Public Affairs Office
Traduzione in lingua spagnola Nota sobre la moralidad del uso de algunas vacunas contra la Covid-19
Read it in English Click HERE

Catholic Conference News

The Diocese of Las Vegas, in conjunction with local Catholic Health Care Ministry and Catholic Charities of Southern Nevada, shares with you this recent statement of the California Catholic Conference with regard to COVID-19 vaccinations.

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops chairs of the Committee on Doctrine and the Committee on Pro-Life Activities, as well as the Catholic Health Association together with respected moral theologians, have found early Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 vaccine candidates to be morally acceptable from a Catholic perspective.

We offer this information to the faithful of the Diocese in our commitment to provide regular and accurate information to parishioners and the community in support of morally acceptable, safe, and effective COVID-19 vaccines.
English translation
Spanish translation

The McCarrick Report: A Tragic Chapter, A Full Accounting
Two years after Pope Francis called for a full accounting of how Theodore McCarrick was able to rise through church ranks and promised to make the report public, the McCarrick Report, issued Nov. 10, is a devastating portrait of personal deception and institutional blindness, of opportunities missed and faith shattered.

At the same time, it is also the story of an unparalleled effort at transparency, revealing a church that is committed to the accountability of its leaders at all levels. Today and in the week ahead, Catholic News Service is examining all aspects of the report. It is also reminding readers of the vulnerability of victims who will suffer further pain as incidents of abuse are brought to light.

Bishop Thomas’ Reflection on Pope Francis’ “Civil Unions” Statement
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Catholic educators urged to talk about, 'grapple with' racism in the church

By Carol Zimmermann Catholic News Service

WASHINGTON (CNS) -- When Catholic educators met virtually this year at their annual conference, they took a close look at racism and how teachers should talk about its existence and work to promote an anti-racist environment in their schools.

"The challenges are already there; talking about them doesn't make them appear," said a presenter in an April 7 workshop on schools' anti-racism efforts. Other workshops highlighted culturally responsive classrooms or diversity and inclusion.

But an April 6 presentation by Shannen Dee Williams, an assistant professor of history at Villanova University, set the tone for talks that followed with its upfront challenge to Catholic educators. Williams urged teachers to share Black Catholic history that not only highlights Black Catholics but also tells difficult truths about the Catholic Church's involvement in slavery and segregation.  Read more.

COVID-19 Bishop Thomas' Letters
COVID-19 News Updates

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